1219 Pop Up Shop

1219 Creative invites OKC small businesses, makers and entrepreneurs to utilize our gallery space on Classen Blvd. for a 1219 Pop Up Shop temporary retail location. Our space will be made available on short term (one week) basis for local craftsmen and artisans who create unique, hand-made products. 1219 Pop Up Shop will be on the first week (M-F) of each month in addition to our current art gallery opening events on the 2nd Friday of every month and pop up art shows randomly thought the year.

If you have great products and customer base but can’t afford full-time retail space, this is your opportunity to sell directly without expensive overhead or long-term commitment. Bring us your creative products, ideas and promotions. We’ll provide you with retail space right on Classen Blvd, super strong WiFi and promotional support. Your job is to offer an inventory of great products, drive traffic to shop your 1219 Pop Up and make sales. 
We look forward to having your products, ideas and energy in our creative space. All the 1219 Creative office and co-work peeps are ready to cheer on your success. Good luck! Vendors are responsible for applicable sales tax, licenses, etc…
Full details below. Email us to apply for available dates (no phone calls please).
Twitter: @1219Creative
Instagram: @1219Creative

1219 Pop Up Shop does not offer credit card processing, guarantees or warranties for products sold by vendors.
Vendor agreement:
  • Any vendor agreement has to be discusses and accepted by 1219 Pop Up manager and can be ended at any time without explanation
  • Please respect the 1219 Creative space, occupants and neighbors
  • 1219 Creative, Kyle Golding and The Golding Group will help promote your 1219 Pop Up Shop via social media, web and email but are not responsible for traffic – vendor is fully responsible for creating and executing sales opportunity 
  • There is no guarantee of vendor sales or profit
  • Vendor success is dependent on vendor only, not 1219 Creative
  • 1219 Creative provides the space, the vendor must manage the space with no expectations from 1219 Creative
  • Please bring signage, printed materials or other identifying marketing materials to identify your space/business 
  • You are expected to clean up your space upon departure, leaving it in the same condition you found it
  • Pre-order, custom or commission work must be discussed with a 1219 Pop Up manager before beginning
  • Don’t like these pre-conditions – don’t be a part of 1219 Pop Up Shop (it’s just that simple) 
Vendor cannot:
  • Block regular traffic flow
  • Expand beyond the 10×16 preset gallery space
  • Make loud noise, play music above a 1219 Pop Up manager preset level
  • Make permanent changes to the 1219 Creative gallery space such as large holes, paint walls, remove lighting etc.
  • Temporary changes can/must be discussed with 1219 Pop Up manager
  • Remove, move or cover art or other items in the gallery without permission and assistance of 1219 Pop Up manager
  • Violate any safety laws or codes of the City of Oklahoma City
  • Otherwise interrupt regular business of 1219 Creative occupants

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