September Art Show – Homeless Alliance Public Art Project

1219 Creative is collaborating with The Homeless Alliance non-profit org. on a public art project for the WestTown Homeless Resource Campus. We have selected 8 artist to create works of art on 6′ x 3′ corrugated steel panels to be installed at The Homeless Alliance facility.

The artist donating their time and talents are:

Kris Kanaly
Adam Lanman
Clint Stone
David Horton
Jennifer Cocoma Hustis
Suzanne Thomas Justice
Kyle Golding
Nathan Lee

The public art at WestTown is an important, distinguished feature of the campus’ landscape design and an exciting venue to feature the work of Oklahoma artists. The Homeless Alliance will add the 8 new corrugated metal panels around new buildings. The theme for the panels is “What does home mean to me”. This is a great opportunity to add visual interest to the immediate neighborhood and inspire the residents of WestTown.

The WestTown campus brings together service providers to prevent and address homelessness through effective collaboration. All activity is based on best business practices, with the ultimate goal of helping people achieve and maintain safe, secure and affordable housing.

The Homeless Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the system of care for the homeless in Oklahoma City through collaboration with government, faith-based and nonprofit service providers. The ultimate goal of the Homeless Alliance is to rally our community to end long-term homelessness in Oklahoma City by both preventing homelessness and increasing the supply of affordable and permanent supportive housing to move those who are currently homeless back into housing.

“Homeless” by Adam Landman

For more information about The Homeless Alliance, how to support or volunteer please click here.


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