Deconstructed Sculpture by Eric Wright 9/12/14

1219 Creative is proud to present the introspective 3-D art of Eric Wright. Don’t miss (what might be) his last exhibition before moving out of state. Wright uses industrial materials such as concrete, wood, metal and found objects in a strong, assertive fashion. He’s work is based on personal experience with and observations of human relationships.

“I usually see an idea in its entirety, including the title, and my task is to deconstruct it to find the component parts and then realize the finished work. Each artwork represents an individual who’s lived life to the present moment, so using objects with their own histories is important.” – Eric Wright.

Please join us 6-8 on 9/12/14 for a casual evening of art, refreshments and conversation. Free, open-to-the-public with a few art “extras” in the plans. Facebook Event Page.

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